''Shoulder to shoulder''

by Lazarath

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released November 16, 2016



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Lazarath Novi Sad, Serbia

Lazarath is a Serbian band from Novi Sad,Vojvodina.
Formed in the summer of 2013,the group consists of five guys who are members and ex members of few street punk-rock,oi and hard core bands from Novi Sad.
Music of Lazarath is tough,aggressive and fast mix of thrash metal,hard core and punk.
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Track Name: Lazarath-Betrayed

You think it can’t get any worse
Sorry I had to bring it to you
But there’s no end to this curse
You feel like you’re the only one
Abandoned with no luck
No one’s gonna help you at all
Promise me, you’re not gonna fall for the same shit

You got betrayed – We got betrayed
Don’t you let this happen again
You want revenge – We will avenge
Together we’ll teach them a lesson my friend

Show no mercy. Show no fear
Bring them nothing but death
Their end is near

Betrayed – Betrayed for life
Betrayed – Betrayed by those you love
Betrayed – They stab you in the back
Betrayed – Never forgive, never forget

Betrayed 3x

Now that some time has passed, you need to overcome
Make sure to balance back, don’t let them drag you down
Life isn’t easy as it seems, it’s really cruel and mean
Make a difference by surviving, don’t get betrayed again
Track Name: Lazarath-Street Justice
Street Justice Attack

With pride and dignity, above lies and misery
Stand up for our integrity
With greed and tyranny, against love and liberty
No chance for stability

Shoulder to shoulder
During the walk through the fire and ice
Brother for brother
Street justice, an eye for an eye

Limited ability of generosity, suicidal mentality
No more serenity, embrace insanity
Let’s kill or let’s be dead

Two fingers in the eyes, elbow in the jaw
Street Justice Attack
Low sucker punch, with knee in the head
Street Justice Attack
Before dropping dead, twist your chicken neck
Street Justice Attack
You will burn alive, you will slowly die
Street Justice Attack

There’s no other way, for making a stand
Rise up and fight back – Street Justice Attack
There’s no escape, the debts must be paid
From the cradle to the grave – Street Justice Attack
Rip out your finger nails and spit in your face
Full of disgrace – Street Justice Attack
Nothing to save, next stop is hell
Torture you ‘till death – Street Justice Attack
Track Name: Lazarath-Off the Road
Off The Road

Off the road! Get off the road!
The van is packed and we’re ready to go
Off the road! Get off the road!
You’re holding the traffic and we’re late for the show
Off the road! Get off the road!
The engine is dying ‘cause we’re moving too slow
Off the road! Get off the road!
Who in the world taught you how to drive
It makes me wonder how you’re still alive
Fuck off and get off the road!

Who gave you a license and signed his name
Whoever it was they were clearly insane
You’re hitting the brakes at the slightest of turns
Wanna push you aside and leave you to burn

I wanna know
Who gave you the license?
I wanna know
Who taught you how to drive?

You clearly aren’t in a right frame of mind
Mentally impaired, unable to drive
Yet you’re hogging the lane with your piece of shit car
Get out of my way, you took this too far

I wanna know
Who gave you the license?
I wanna know
Who taught you to drive?

Die! Die! Die!
Track Name: Lazarath-Ghost

When the world leaves you dismayed
We all need to dull the blade
To brace yourself, regain command
To steady our shaking hands

So we medicate
Nurture and sedate
To paint the haze less dark
To ignite the spark

This is my fuel, tank me up!
I’m ready to go! 1-2-3-4-GO!

Don’t give a fuck if you say that I’m wasting away
You’re drunk on yourself, that’s what gets you through the day

We all have our cross to bear
You say you’re better – I don’t care
We’re all getting by! (don’t give a fuck if you say that I’m wasting away)
We’re all getting by! (don’t give a fuck if you say that I’m wasting away)

Here we go, another round, we’re ready to go, 1-2-3-4-GO!

We’re all the same 3x
My drugs and yours are the same
Track Name: Lazarath-Broken bones
Broken Bones

At the end of the rope
Battered and stoned
All lost for hope
Look at these broken bones

Broken Bones
Patch me up and send me home
Broken Bones
Fix me up and please send me home

Gotta do it, make or break
Well, I’ve had all that I can take
Go through hell and nearly die
Just to briefly feel alive

Lost all control, just push me and go – Back on the road
Empty the tank, can’t find the break – Fly off the road
Head in my knees, despair and disease – Law of the road
No end in sight, but just for tonight – I’m good to go

Wake up call – it’s time to go
Can’t feel my legs, can’t find my things – Reep what you saw
Burn at both ends until the end – no other way to go
Do it again? Ask me again in a lifetime or so

Broken Bones
Patch me up and send me home
Broken Bones
Fix me up and please send me home
Track Name: Sentence-Ghostville
You and I,We built this city, this city built on lies
Walking theese empty streets, wearing nothing but disguise
Walls of this place are breaking down
There is no hope for this empty town
On the surface, in the depths
Lie is the only thing that is left
You and I, We built this city and now it's time to pay the price
I want to face the thruth, face the truth behind these lies
Take a stand!
Track Name: Sentence-Where does it end
Where does it end?
Murder Your own kind, poison your own soil
Destroy the world as we know it, keep everything in control
We did never got a second chance
All you do is isolate Us
And make us feel out of place
Where does it end?
When every word is a lie!
It's up to us to decide,if these are last days of our lives?
It's time to stop all the masters, to stop all the lords
To set ourself free, take back our liberty
Deicide, We are coming!
Track Name: Sentence-A higher place
A higher place
Crying out in the name of god
Burning up in the name of fate
Kneelnig, praying, waiting…for the world to end
If you obey to the commitment, eternal life will wait for you
You'll reach the heavens gate, righteous path will lead you trough
Waiting for the judgment day, let's see now did you pay
Are you worthy to be with them
Hoping for the afterlife, you blindly went to fight
Fight for your promise land
Thousand of years, milion wasted lives
The struggle goes on and on
And the inocent one die
Blinded by fear, manipulated with powerty
Brought to the slaughterhouse in the name of divinity
Hundreds of years
Track Name: Sentence-Tack
To all the victimised, opressed and terrorized
This is a song from the bottom of our hearts
All the things that we been trough
Tears cried by me and you
They are easier to hanndle with someone by your side
We all fight each and every day
The struggle won't go away
And we stand right here where we are
This heart had taken enough scars
Things form the past that haunt you in your dreams
Are not so scary as they seem
When the day is over
All the humans cry
With their own burden
For a reason why
No lonliness
No promises
Track Name: Sentence-Nightmare
Face up to yourself and all your problems
With all the pain inside
Revealed to the back of the bone
You've got nothing left to hide
All the troubles that suround you, are not entirely your own fault
Get a grip, think it trough
Find out what's been lost
When everything else decays
You are accepted here for who you are
There is no diference between us
There is no judgement from afar
It is only thing that we know
We have chosen our own lives
We have chosen our own destiny
And we will not give up the fight
Wanting for the world to change
Wanting it to be abetter place
We created a world of our own
Utopian perfect space
Outcasts of society, created diverity
Right form the start, you had my heart
Faster songs and faster kids
Faster ends and faster riffs
That one thing that stayed the same
These are our hopes, these are our dreams
The things that set us appart
With the songs we sing
These are our hopes, these are our dreams
The things that set us appart
With the words we scream